Summer School Begins June 1


Drop-ins are by luck or by appointment, but if you want to join a group class, our summer schedule begins June 1:


Playful Puppy: Start your puppy off right! 8:30 am This is an enriched environment for safer puppy socialization. Puppies should be under 20 weeks old and in good health $10

Whole Dog Foundations: These classes help you develop a balanced set of obedience training skills that apply in any dog sport! Want your dog to practice polite greetings, drop items when asked, walk nicely on a leash, come when called? Or do you hope to  compete in rally, freestyle, or other dog jobs? Start your journey here! 5 sessions/$100 or $25 per drop in

9 am (beginners/orange):   In this class we will aim to resolve some  rookie behavior problems and also have some fun getting to know your dog.

10 am (intermediate/green)  Build on your dog’s basic “play” skills through games from agility and rally dog sports. Create  a history of reinforcement on off-leash responsiveness,  and have smart fun with your dog! In this session we introduce tunnels, directional cues, targeting, shadow handling and other games that you can use to condition your dog’s response to your cues.


Ready to rally?  9 am Beginners

10 am  advanced

6pm, all levels


Introduction to agility : 4pm

Agility run-throughs 6 pm



Drop in hours:  By appointment. Please message us using the form below if you would like to drop in and train according to your own needs and interests.  Our aim is to consistently build the dogs’ trust in our  leadership and good sportsmanship.   Romp your dog through as many training stations as you like, but plan on getting just one focused instruction from the trainer per visit.  Over time, as you become expert in the variations of training challenges, you might find yourself coaching others through the same  activities!

DO bring at least two identical tug toys, and two cups of cubes soft food treats,  an empty water bowl, and some poop pick up bags. Ideally your food treats are a mix of things, such as moistened kibble, cheese bits, chopped hotdogs. Behavior science is about economics of behavior! Make sure you have prizes that make self-control worth the effort for your dog.

DO pick up the poops!

Do dress appropriately for outside play. Your dog should be wearing a flat collar, a headhalter or a non-constricting body harness. We do have benches to sit on, a tent and a handicapped accessible porta-potti.  Plan ahead for mosquitos and wet grass.

1311021C-8A5E-40B7-9549-171F6BA4E364. Reserve your place by messaging us with the form below.