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August 5, 2021

Dear Jenny and Albert, Thank you for the best week in the wonderful state of Maine! Everyday we learned something new with Reece. We have tried to soak up every nugget of knowledge you have imparted on us for dog training. We can’t wait to continue training and hope to show you what we’ve learned! This was the best place to become engaged! ❤ Rebecca and Max

June 24, 2021

Jenny, I think we have found our dog’s (Pacha) natural habitat. He came to life like we’ve never seen as he galloped around the fields at Whole Dog Camp. Your gardens were goals for us, thank you for giving us free access to all the amazing herbs and vegetables. We had a wonderful stay! Cheers, Joe and Jess

June 21 2021 Adopting an “old” rescue dog during the pandemic was a decision we were beginning to question. I have renewed faith that Bitsy can be a member of our family. Jenny we kind of feel Bitsy has a god mother in your and all the suggestions you had will help us move forward with her… take care and thank you! Karen, Rick and Bitsy

June 9, 2021 We loved our stay and watching our Annie come few steps on becoming her full joyful self! You have restored hope and optimism that our Puerto Rican sato can bond and move forward… we’ll be back for more training and discussion! Linda and Ray

Jenny, Our little city girl had so much fun running on your farm. She has never had so much room to run in her young life! We had lunch at two dog-friendly restaurants, both places brought water bowls for Sera. We explored the local “secret” beach and Sera had a great time playing with Bingo!

Jenny & Albert,

Thanks as always for a wonderful time, and for all the expert advice w/Josie. We promise to practice with her faithfully! One tip to share: Cook’s on Baily’s Island was the same great lobster we remember and observing all Covid19 guidelines.

Best wishes, Keven, Carol, Josie

Hi Jenny,

Max and I had a great time on the farm. I learned a lot about Max! We’ll come again soon to show you all we’ve worked on! He enjoyed the big crate; I think he asked for a crate at home (^; … exactly what we were looking for in a weekend getaway! Kindly, Kara

Jenny & Albert,

Dog camp was SO fun! We learned a lot and had such a lovely vacation. We can’t wait to return… Thank you! Leah, Anthony, Julie and Tigrou

How Jenny became a dog trainer:

Jenny Ruth Yasi, BFA, CPDT-KA, CTDI is certified through the  Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the only independent certifying organization for the dog training profession. She’s also a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and AKC CGC evaluator, an IAABC and CCUI candidate. Her dogs have titles and ribbons and training in a variety of dog sports.

Jenny graduated from Vermont College of Norwich University in 1998 with a self-designed major in Behavior Science, and has traveled to study with chicken, monkey, horse and marine mammal trainers, as well as with world renowned dog trainers. She has especially followed Leslie McDevitt (Control Unleashed programs ) and Susan Garrett’s Recallers, H360, Agility Nation, Puppy nation programs have had profound impacts on Jenny’s animal training style, which is centered on the power of choice!

Locally, Leslie Whitney from Happy Tails was Jenny’s first dog training teacher, and introduced Jenny to Karen Pryor clicker training. Jenny got tired of buying clickers and so she started clicking with her tongue, and behavior science became the language of life!

Jenny approaches behavior and training as a science as well as an art, weaving operant and classical conditioning into the way we arrange our environments. Shaping the control of the environment shapes default behaviors. Dogs respond environmental cues, aka “context cues,” and can think independently to do what works best.

Jenny has had 10 dogs over her adult life, often three dogs at a time, and has sponged from some of the greatest animal trainers in the world, and she is a believer in lifelong education for the human as well as the dog! Jenny is a long time student in Susan Garrett’s Recallers, Agility Nation, and H360 and other Say Yes (choice based) trainer education programs. Currently enrolled in Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed Instructor’s program, Jenny can’t get enough of behavior science education. A professional member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Jenny regularly attends seminars and workshops. Clicker Expos, Chicken Camps back in the day, and today Jenny is constantly involved in online trainer workshops, FDSA seminars, SAR events, the APDT Conference, Control Unleash conference, and online agility training programs H360 and Agility Nation. Jenny has taken seminars in tracking, herding and other working dog or training educational events such as with Carolyn Scott, Atilla Suzukalek, Emma Parsons

Jenny and her husband moved to Freeport in 2015, though they were gone 2016-2017 Sailing 2800 miles with two dogs aboard Magus. Along the way, Jenny visited over a dozen schools, performing her dog and human show, “How animal trainers make big problems smaller!” We talked about how we broke our big adventure into many manageable small pieces, and that’s how we train dogs too! Since coming back to Maine,Jenny Re-opened Whole Dog Camp (it had previously operated on Peaks Island), where even if you aren’t local, you can “Stay and Train” with us! https://airbnb.com/h/wholedogcamp

Or Find us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/wholedogcamp

Find Jenny’s training videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/yasijenny