2021! Become a Whole Dog Camp trainer!


Looking for a fun date with your dog? Passing through, and looking for a space to generalize your training? Drop in and play! You must book this in advance with Jenny to confirm an appointment before you make payment. Please fill in the contact form on our home page.


Group classes (see our schedule) rolling admission

$120/ to attend any 4 of our scheduled group classes at Whole Dog Camp. We train with kindness and respect for one another! Please view our schedule for class details and updates. Rolling admission. Only puppies and softies, 4pm Sundays and/or Wednesdays. Contact Jenny for registration form, or arrive 15 minutes before class. Really Reliable Recall/ Control Unleashed Project Sundays and Wednesdays 6 pm


Family Private Lesson package, evaluation and training plan

Let’s train together and brain-storm stumbling blocks. Bring the whole family to three training sessions: Foundation games, evaluating stumbling blocks and making a training plan. You’ll get video and written training notes, and charts to keep record of your progress. Want to train further? Your second package covers six additional family friendly sessions (for nine sessions altogether). Take the time to practice and grow what you’ve learned while also enjoy romping playdates with your WHOLE family!


Private Lesson Package

3 private lessons, customized to you and your dog. This is for one handler(or couple) and one dog. Families with children should sign up for the family lesson. Purchase 2 packages at the same time and get 9 private lessons (for a total of $360)! Enjoy Whole Dog Camp’s fun safe habitat for private play and learn dates with your dog!


The Cynophobia (Fear of Dogs) Workshop While many people love dogs, others are anxious and miserable at the sight of a dog, even if the dog is small and cute(but especially if it’s not)! Cynophobia — or “fear of dogs” affects up to 10% of the population. With dogs almost everywhere you go, cynophobia can interfere with quality of life. The cyophobia workshop takes place over three 1 hour class sessions that do NOT include actual dogs! Participants learn how animal trainers help fearful dogs, and how the same techniques can help fearful humans! Come train an imaginary dog! Please contact us for more information:

Want to observe a class before signing up? You are welcome to audit any group class by appointment, but please leave your dog at home for that.


Got dog, or does the dog “got” you? We’ll have a talk and I can send you some helpful training materials, Jenny’s training articles and videos, and ideas that will help right away. Dog training is tricky, but it’s not rocket science! You’ve got this! We’re here to help. Most calls or zooms are about 30 minutes long.


Lead Trainer Jenny Ruth Yasi CPDT-KA yasijenny@hotmail.com “20 seven, seven five sicks, nine for too one.”

Whole Dog Camp is a humane dog training community. We avoid the use of prong, shock, pinch or other aversive training methods. Members have access to all of our in-person group activities, and 24/7 access to our online training videos, documents and our facebook training group (Whole Dog Camp group), where we review training exercises, schedule training sessions and problem solve training issues together. We embrace diversity, kindness, playfulness, forgiveness and joy in pet ownership. Canceled or missed appointments are generally not refundable. As a member of our Whole Dog Camp training community, check out our substantial “learn to earn” discounts! Got your “canine good citizen” or other titles? Please click on our “schedule” page and scroll down to see if you’ve already earned discounts on our services! Whole Dog Camp memberships become available in November through Feb. 1 of each year.