three women and their dogs in a field at sunset

Become a Whole Dog Camp Trainer!

Annual Membership

Membership enrolls you in our discounted program for in-person training and if you live far away, it also gives you loads of free online training and zoom support. You must become a member to enroll in our group classes. Membership starts the day of purchase and expires Feb. 1


Group classes

10 group classes, $200. (Are you an accomplished trainer? Earn discounts according to your training level! See our training levels page). Flexible pass system allows you to drop into any ten group classes that suit your dog and your schedule!


Dog Days Theatre and Talent Show Fridays 5:30 pm beginning mid-June

Bring a picnic and up at a 3 minute performance with your dog. Participants must oblige lead trainer on duty in the safer management of your dog, only head halters, body harnesses or flat collars with up to a 6ft lead are allowed, maintain at least 6 feet of space from other people and dogs. Food and toy reinforcement IS allowed on stage., off stage only food reinforcement in the audience. Prizes awarded!


Member 3 private lessons (one dog/one human)

3 private training sessions with Jenny Ruth Yasi, CPDT-KA, FFCP, CCUI, CTDI. Jenny has over 25 years professional training experience, working with every sort of dog imaginable! Private sessions give you an opportunity to evaluate you and your dog’s needs and come up with a training plan to make the best of your time together. Whether you are hoping to compete in dog sports, teach your dog practical service behaviors, or help a dog with problems, Jenny has been there, done that. She can help.


Guest package, 3 private sessions

Enjoy three brainstorming problem-solving and training sessions. Learn some games that will help you “grow” behaviors you want, face and evaluate stumbling blocks and focus your training plan. By our third meet-up, you’ll have some training videos, written training notes, and charts to keep record of your progress.


ZOOM! One week to safer leash handling, on a head halter

Body harnesses and flat collars give dogs more leverage, and that can be dangerous on slippery ground! Our online humane head halter training program includes video and print materials, and 3 live zoom meetups (on Valentine’s Day week, Monday/Wed/Friday 5pm). You can do it! With Jenny Ruth Yasi, BFA, CPDT-KA, CCUI, CTDI, Fear Free Certified Professional (Trainer) Feb. 13, 15, 17 at 7 pm, and/or recorded live


We’re creating community, celebrating and supporting each other in living healthy lives with our dogs. ~ Jenny Ruth Yasi, BFA, CCPDT-KA, FFCP, CTDI, AKC CGC evaluator Certified Control Unleashed Instructor


Got a special dog? Need a humane training boost? Worried about a dog problem? Got dog with severe behavior problems such as separation anxiety, storm or noise phobias? We can help! We may require collaboration with a veterinary behaviorist and may require a special handling fee. This payment covers an initial in person evaluation to answer your first questions and point you towards the programs we have that could best help you and your dog.


“Whole Dog Camp is located in Freeport, Maine. We are a humane dog training club, online and in person! We offer in person private and group classes, online peer training groups, an online discussion and resource hub, and field trips, group socials and training activities. Take your dog on a date here, while you pick-yer-own organically grown flowers or run through some of our play and training stations.

Lead Trainer Jenny Ruth Yasi CPDT-KA, FFCP (trainer)

Please click on our “schedule” page for more info on upcoming group classes, and scroll down to see how our training levels program works.

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