Summer Training Membership 2019

Play at your own level, on your own schedule, in separately fenced gardens and fields, to music!  Group instruction Monday-Thursday 9 and 10 am, 5pm  and 6pm. Member-trainers are welcome to attend any session, just let other trainers know what your plans are on our member’s only facebook page. Want to drop in? Message us at Whole Dog Camp on facebook. $20 to romp, $40 for romp-in class with coaching, $50 to be a member for a week. 

We organize our curriculum and training stations schedule and classroom with the help of “Focus Days.” 

Mondays and Tuesdays:  Basic Obedience and Beyond!  Crate/Gate, toy and other attention getting games pave the way to awesome retrieves, deliveries and work around distractions. Build alternatives to food reinforcement, and learn what comes after “sit!” Have trainers told you what to do, but not how or why?  Mondays and Tuesdays are foundations days, where you’ll learn how to build cues and signals in a variety of ways: shaping, luring, capturing, prompting. You’ll develop foundation signals ( RMS, Conditioned encouragement, conditioned discouragement, No Reward Mark, and Release signal) that help you communicate better with your dog, and practice social and learning skills as tested in CGC and APDT C.L.A.S.S. programs. 

Wednesdays: Rally Obedience! “Follow the signs “dog sport develops handling skills and canine responsiveness at all training levels. Want great heeling skills? That’s what rally is really about about. Rally is a great foundation for building your dog’s calm respoonsiveness to your cues, and build your own growth as a trainer. Plus, ribbons!  Are you a competitor? Become a member or just drop in for run-throughs! Wednesday nights 7 pm are rally run-throughs through the summer.

Thursdays: Agility for all levels. Balance, run, and stretch and build new physical skills alongside your dog! Tunnel, run and jump! Build your relationship on the fly! 9 and 10 am morning  and 5 pm classes are more focused on balance and target games for the slower or beginner set. Ready for more? 6 pm Enjoy agility run throughs on fun sequences and  sometimes on courses currently seen in competition!

Fridays/Sat: Train or play independently according to your training level! Practice on your own, in separately fenced training areas.

Sunday Specials. Build community, sing around the campfire, sniff among the flowers, romp. See our members calendar for guest speakers, special events and family activities!  Special needs? Contact Jenny for more information or an appointment. 207-seven/five/six, 9 four 2 one