Summer 2020

Private lessons and independent play/training are available NOW. Group classes and day training begins again Aug. 3 Wondering how we train? See our training videos on youtube and also on our facebook page and you can join our facebook training group, and help us build our community of humane dog trainers!

Intro to Agility

Get started on this fun sport! Monday evenings 6:30 pm beginning August 3 runs 6 weeks Class limited to 6 teams Free for members


Canine Good Citizen Class

Build the ten skills your dog needs to go with you everywhere and be a good citizen in your neighborhood! (new time!) Tuesday evenings 6pm pm beginning Aug. 11 runs 5 weeks, plus one extra "make up" class. Come join us in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere as your dog learns to relax and respond to you in new environments. Enrollment limited to five teams. CGC Testing will be scheduled at the end of the class series


For more information contact

Private Lessons

Got some dog questions? Let's train together. 45 romp and learn with Jenny Ruth Yasi, CPDT-KA.


Lead Trainer and gardener Jenny Ruth Yasi CPDT-KA or text
"20 seven, seven five six, nine four too one." 

Looking for a safe off-leash place to play and train with your dog?

Yes, you can play and learn off-leash here in three safely fenced and gardened acres. Just one quaranteam allowed through our interactive environment at a time. By appointment only, to leave time for sanitizing between guests. Bring your own mask, pick-up bags, treats and toys, and your ipad or cell phone, and access online content that will show you how to use our training stations. Free for members! $25 for non-members. After payment is received, we will contact you with more information and to schedule your appointment.


Covid Year membership!

Membership allows you to create your own schedule to privately train your way through our training stations, and to join in any of our group classes until January 2021. You will always have the space you need to really let your dog romp and grow your understanding of behavior science, while building your dog's trust and confidence in YOU ! You'll get access to online training videos explaining how you can use our training stations to grow targeting, distance, directional cues and self-control around distractions. Got training questions? Jenny is happy to answer questions. Training in agility? Rally obedience? Freestyle? Scentwork? Every week you'll find new courses or track set up! Getting ready for a trial? Let us know and we'll set up run throughs at your competitive level!


Phone Consult

Got dog, or does the dog "got" you? Let's talk about it. 30 minute phone call


East End Beach Social Situations!

We'll be meeting right beside East End Beach in Portland Maine for a social situations class! How does your dog respond around big distractions? These outdoor early morning practice sessions are free for Whole Dog Camp members, $25 for drop in, and $125 to join all the sessions we manage to squeeze in this summer. This will be 7 am, days booked according to interest, and weather! 5 maximum in each group, masks are required. Work at your own level (you might need to start by working out of your car in the parking lot) and take as much space as your dog needs! Prerequisite: head halter training.


Head Halters and Doorways: Using exciting dog situations to the human’s advantage!

The very bottom, bottom line of what you need to know to become the dog trainer you know you are meant to might not sound as glamorous as agility or freestyle, but it's what makes competing in dog sports possible! This semi-private class (up to three teams in a class) will show you how to handle your dog professionally, humanely, safely using classical and operant conditioning, training a head halter, and teaching your dog how to earn off-leash privileges. Monday and Tuesday afternoons by appointment. 5 sessions plus one make-up session.