Spring 2019 schedule starts May 1

Choose from the following spring morning fun and games! 9 to 10 am.

Monday mornings. Gate and toy and other games! Alternatives to Food Reinforcment

Tuesday mornings: Hot and cold! Signal Training (Foundation signals: RMS, Conditioned encouragement, conditioned discouragement, No Reward Mark, and Release signal.)

Wednesday mornings: Ask the trainer! Drop in and ask your training questions, and see how a professional trainer breaks big behavior problems into small solvable pieces.

Thursday mornings: Introduction to Agility ! Come balance, and run, tunnel and jump and introduce your dog to something new.

Sunday evenings: 5pm Social games! Have fun and learn to “read dog language.” You will get worksheets, and an outline for your training plan to continue at home. We can video your experience and send it to you for your training record. You and your dog will both get a clicker, exercise, treats, and learn at least one new game! $20 to audit any class with no dog. Group size limited to four dog/handler teams. Got a nervous dog? Audit for your first visit!

5 class ticket

Good for attending 5 WDC classes with permission of the instructor.


One hour Drop in (Private, or you may share in a group of up to three dog/human teams)

Pick your topic! One hour private or you can share with two other dogs and humans.


or send payment to Bliss Woods Farm 136 S Freeport Rd Freeport Maine. Include your email contact information. When your payment is received, we will send you our intake and registration form. Please fill that out completely and return it before the start of class.

Evening classes: Dog Park Prep: Fridays evenings 6pm beginning May  Dog friendly spaces can be good… or bad… for you and  your dog. In this class,  we learn how to use the dog park as a valuable motivator for training your dog. Get the most out of getting in and out of the car, social greetings, squirrels, tennis balls and hot dogs. Learn “safer” strategies for handling dog friendly public spaces and building valuable off-leash behaviors.   

Foundations in Dog Sports Monday evenings 4:30 pm Shaping, Capturing, Targeting, body awareness, adding a cue and understanding the release signal. In this class, close any “holes” in your understanding of operant conditioning and build your dog’s body awareness and sense of connection with you. Whether you intend to compete in agility, freestyle, rally, obedience, or train service, therapy or scent behaviors, these target, toy, cone, and heeling games build your dog’s responsiveness in any situation.