three women and their dogs in a field at sunset

What is Whole Dog Camp?

“Whole Dog Camp is located in Freeport, Maine. It is a humane dog training club that offers classes, stay and train (via airbnb), and very small-scale humane board and train and daycare. We also offer limited pick-yer-own organically grown flowers and herbs, and “SniffSpot” agility playtimes for furry friends who are just passing through. We’re creating community, celebrating and supporting each other in living healthy lives with our dogs. We grow the behaviors we love with food, toys, games, opportunities, privileges, a safely fenced environment and behavior science. We do not use prong, shock, pinch, fear, pain or intimidation to train dogs. In winters we rent an indoor space for winter sessions in Portland. In summers, we have games in our agility fields, we host AKC and WCRL “at home” contests and events under our big shade tent. We build dog and handler confidence in freestyle, rally, agility, obedience, therapy and service behaviors. I am a CGC evaluator and offer CGC testing and trick dog training and testing. ” ~ Jenny Ruth Yasi, BFA, CCPDT-KA, FFCP, CTDI, AKC CGC evaluator

Canceled or missed appointments are generally not refundable, but they can be re-scheduled or exchanged with 48 hours advance notice. We require those eligible to receive the covid19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination to participate in our in-person programs. We may require masks, but maybe not! Fingers crossed!

Please click on our “schedule” page for more info on upcoming group classes, and scroll down to see how our training levels program works.

Whole Dog Camp 2023 Holiday special

Got friend who’s got a dog? Give them 3 private training sessions with Jenny Ruth Yasi, CPDT-KA, FFCP, CCUI, CTDI. Jenny has over 25 years professional training experience, working with every sort of dog imaginable! Private sessions give you an opportunity to evaluate you and your dog’s needs and come up with a training plan to make the best of your time together. Whether you are hoping to compete in dog sports, teach your dog practical service behaviors, or help a dog with problems, Jenny has been there and done that. She can help.


Private Lesson package, evaluation and training plan

Bring the whole family to three brain-storming problem-solving and training sessions. You will learn some games that will help you “grow” behaviors you want. Our second session will be facing and evaluating stumbling blocks and focusing your training plan. By our third meet-up, you’ll home some training videos, written training notes, and charts to keep record of your progress. We require those eligible to receive the covid19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination to participate in our programs.


Evaluation and specialized board and train

Daily base rate for our board and train program, or for 90 minute evaluation to assess which of our programs might offer the best support for your family. This program is a helpful start for dogs with severe behavior problems, where we can help assess what is going on and set up a training procedure to respond to difficult training issues. Dangerous or destructive dogs may be assessed additional special handling fees. Membership and training level discounts apply, and long term stays may be discounted .


Lead Trainer Jenny Ruth Yasi CPDT-KA, FFCP (trainer)

Specialized, Humane Board and Train

Got a special dog? Need a humane training boost? Want to go on vacation and send your dog to school at the same time? Our humane canine habitat is set up to help your dog learn, starting at $100 per day for members (minus member “learn to earn” discounts), and $150 per day for non-members. Aggressive dogs, or dogs with severe behavior problems such as separation anxiety, storm or noise phobias, may require collaboration with a veterinary behaviorist and may require a special handling fee. This payment covers an initial in person or zoom evaluation and planning meeting before being accepted into one of our programs (board and train or daytraining).


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