three women and their dogs in a field at sunset

Become a Whole Dog Camp trainer!

Membership: Whole Dog Camp is a humane dog training club. We use food, toys, games, opportunities, privileges and behavior science ( not prong, shock, pinch or intimidation) to train dogs. Members learn to earn discounts (on lessons, classes, dog care, renewals) based upon training achievements. Your membership fee covers all your group classes, romps and runthroughs for a year, (from purchase until Feb.1 2023) 24/7 access to our online training videos, documents and facebook Whole Dog Camp online program. Do you live far away? Or you don’t want to get vaccinated against covid (we require covid vaccines)? You can still become a “virtual” member, which begins Feb. 1, access all our online program including “zoom” classes, and learn to earn discounts for all of our programs, including stay and train vacations!

We embrace diversity, kindness, playfulness, forgiveness and joy in pet ownership. Canceled or missed appointments are generally not refundable, but they can be re-scheduled with 24 hours advance notice. We require those eligible to receive the covid19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination to participate in our programs. We may require masks.

Please click on our “schedule” page for more info on memberships and group classes, and scroll down to see how our training levels program works. Whole Dog Camp 2022-2023 memberships can be purchased now until Feb. 1.

Whole Dog Camp 2022 Family Membership

Drop into any of our group classes, field trips, enjoy free play times in our fields, anytime access to our online educational materials, discounted private lessons (privates for members start at $40, minus training level discounts) and learn to earn discounts on all our services! For more details click on “schedule” and scroll down to see our “learn to earn” training level discounts. 2022 memberships run from now until Feb. 1 2023. All your dogs may participate but each dog must have a dedicated handler on each visit.


Private Lesson package, evaluation and training plan

Bring the whole family to three brain-storming problem-solving and training sessions. You will learn some games that will help you “grow” behaviors you want. Our second session will be facing and evaluating stumbling blocks and focusing your training plan. By our third meet-up, you’ll home some training videos, written training notes, and charts to keep record of your progress. We require those eligible to receive the covid19 vaccine to show proof of vaccination to participate in our programs.


Virtual Membership

Did you enjoy your stay and train vacation, and want to keep in touch and get a little ongoing inspiration to keep up with the training? The virtual membership allows you to ask questions get feedback for a full year, posting your own videos, watching our training videos, and if you want to come back and train here again, your videos might qualify you for our “learn to earn” discounts on future training, daycare or specialized boarding.


Private lesson, non- members

Need private lessons? 3 one-on-one in person training sessions help you determine an appropriate training plan for your dog, and get the party started! We video record and send you training notes. This includes access to our online training resources. Private lessons are typically one hour long, but may go a bit longer or shorter depending, and they include as much play time as you like.


Evaluation and specialized board and train


Zoom! Coaching call

Got training questions? You’ll have thirty minutes to brainstorm with Jenny


Lead Trainer Jenny Ruth Yasi CPDT-KA, FFCP (trainer)


Specialized, Humane Board and Train

Got a special dog? Need a humane training boost? Want to go on vacation and send your dog to school at the same time? Our humane canine habitat is set up to help your dog learn, starting at $100 per day for members (minus member “learn to earn” discounts), and $150 per day for non-members. Aggressive dogs, or dogs with severe behavior problems such as separation anxiety, storm or noise phobias, may require collaboration with a veterinary behaviorist and may require a special handling fee. This payment covers an initial in person or zoom evaluation and planning meeting before being accepted into one of our programs (board and train or daytraining).


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