Getting Ready to make the most of the Dog Park

Learn more about Jenny’s approach to training on her youtube channel

There are loads of great dog parks in the area. Are you and your dog ready to take full advantage of them?  In this class,  we break the dog park experience into easier increments, from getting in and out of the car, to exploring novel areas and ignoring other dogs. Learn how to most safely prepare for and use dog friendly public spaces as training opportunities and practice behaviors that motivate dogs to respond to you, even  around big distractions! Learn how to use freedom to reinforce great obedience behaviors.

Sundays in October and November  3 til 5 m  $75 per dog for 3 sessions (family welcome).  Wear rain boots (for potentially wet fields), mosquito repellent, practical clothing. Dogs should either wear or owners carry with them a head halter(we can spend time training that if you haven’t already), a flat collar and a 6 foot flat leash. I recommend beginners start with the walk n train head halter at chewy’s. To register, contact us through the form below.