When you choose your puppy, you are choosing a training plan. ┬áIs your puppy big, small, herding instinct, hunting instinct, shy, assertive? The puppy you pick: that’s where you make a decision about your lifestyle with your dog. Picking the puppy can be so much fun, but it’s also where I see people making mistakes. I actually made my own “mistakes” in choosing puppies over the years (I’ve personally owned 8 of my own) too, so I know that we can live and learn, and my shy “mistake” puppy taught me so much about animal behavior and training!

We can grow through small mistakes when choosing a pup, but unfortunately sometimes people really get saddled with situations that ultimately result in having to rehome a dog, or just having training problems that would not have been training problems if the dog had been matched correctly with the home habitat.

I can help you pick out the perfect puppy. Join our group class with other families, and talk “puppies!” Maybe you don’t even really need a little puppy, but maybe an older dog? Are you thinking about a service dog? Jenny has special experience in training hearing service, alert and retrieve and delivery behaviors. She can help you pick out, train and license your pet dog, or your hearing and senior service puppy. Contact Whole Dog Camp for more information.