What’s GO Pup?

GO stands for General Obedience plus, GO!

GO! Pup is training to music, pulling tug toys, teaching reliable retrieve and delivery games, teaching your dog at your level in our separately fenced training yards. Start out in the Secret garden, move through four other separately fenced play rooms and activities. Train safely at your own level, and have all the safe space that you need. No dog will sniff your dog’s butt here, unless it’s part of your plan!

Each visit, learn a game and take it to all corners of our barefoot friendly training gardens, getting a jump on “generalizing”  behaviors that make life more fun with your dog. Each week you learn another game, and review previous weeks games. We’ll add distractions as your dog grows in understanding. GO! Pup is gate games, two toy games, tunnel games to music, and lots and lots of “come when called!”

GO needs YOU to be fit and healthy, not just your dog! Come prepared to strengthen your own body, develop foot strength, balance. If you wish you can go barefoot, or wear flexible non-slip shoes such as nike barefoot.  You’ll want to be able to play to whatever degree you can, you don’t need to really run, we are wheelchair accessible!  But GO! Pup is also about encouraging the humans to incorporate your own workout into your dog’s workout.

Train at your own pace!  You will need two identical highly reinforcing tug toys, two cups or more of chopped raw meat, cheese, moist kibble etc. Dogs should be on flat collar or head halter. If you need assistance with headhalter training please stop by asap and get that established. Starting with a headhalter makes training go much faster, you won’t need it forever, but it might be helpful to use it just a little bit every training session.

GO Pup is Saturdays beginning July, at 8 am. 5/$100
Drop-In and GO! Pup 2 pm til 6 pm $25 per dog/$5 per human