Drop in and play!

Learn more about Jenny’s approach to training on her youtube channel

Just passing through? Drop-in for training advice on the fly. $75 hour private lesson. For an appointment use the form at the very bottom of this page.

Ready to commit? Full week access includes weekly class:  $100. Come to any class with permission of instructor or train independently 7 am til 7 pm. Annual membership ($1000) and seasonal membership ($500 for 3 months) includes private evaluation, training plan, and allows anytime training 7 am til 7pm.

Bliss Woods Farm is a small sustainable homestead. We are growing our own food as well as creating an enriched habitat for studying and nurturing healthy animal behavior. You don’t need to have a dog to visit us! Stop by,  bring your picnic, dig your toes into our soft grass.   Guided garden tours are $5 per person, $25 per dog, and they give you a perfect opportunity to see how we grow organically in Maine.  See our calendar which will be posted on the farmstand for garden related activities such as flower arranging, wreath making,  and more.