Drop in and play!

Summer Session begins July 1

Meet the Trainer Free June 2018 weekdays 8 til 11 am and 4 til 7 pm, Mon-Fri Yes, you can bring your dog, drop in and say hi!

FREE ORIENTATION (bring all your family and questions, but no dogs) Saturdays in June, 8 am, 9am and 10 am. Here, you’ll get all the information you need to start your training program off on the right paw. Leave your dog at home for this to make it easier for you to focus on what the trainer is saying!

Learn more about our approach to animal training on Jenny’s youtube channel

All dog-inclusive regular sessions are $25 per dog/$5 per handler drop in,  or 5 team visits/ $100  EXCEPT  Sundays Doggie Social Days! If you’ve tested Green level and higher, your green dogs train for free, 7 am – 7pm on Sundays!  Enjoy our agility and/or rally runthrough courses or bring your own game and train plan.


Sundays and Mondays  10 am or  6pm Assessment and Building Your Training Plan:  Assess your dog’s training level, and learn how to be playful AND methodical in growing essential skills.  Pre-register by sending Jenny an introduction to you and your dog in the form at the very bottom of this page. Precall Orientation meeting (free no dog) TBA

Agility will be set up for oplay on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Sundays
Beginners class 10 am Tuesday and Sunday Intermediate 4pm Tuesday and SundayFun Runs 6 pm Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sunday

Rally Obedience course will be set up on Mondays/Wednesday and Saturdays
Beginners Saturdays 10 am
All Levels : Monday/Wednesdays 9 am
Fun Runs 6pm Saturdays

GO pup! First session 8 am Saturday, additional sessions throughout the day General Obedience (GO Pup) gives you a training station romp that combines your workout with your dog’s workout!  Includes toy games, recalls, problem solving and management tools , and learning how to train yourself along with your dog! Interested? Come to our free orientation meeting Saturday morning in June to learn more.

Introduction to Operant and Classical Conditioning: Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 11 am. You don’t need a dog to attend this class. Curious about behavior science?   Each session, we explore one theory in behavior science and how the theorty is applied to training technique, from conditioning a “click,”  a “trick” or conditioning a dog to relax when home alone or to come when called! You can eat your sandwich and enjoy the discussion, or sign up you and your dog to work as “demo dog!”

Just passing through? Bring a copy of your veterinary record, and you can Drop-in and play!  $25 per dog, $5 per human, includes a few minutes of private instruction and a pass to play and train and picnic independently here. Our grounds here are clean and green, and of course you’ll pick up any trace of poop! Guests are rewarded with credit vouchers for each deposit in our trash cans.  Our soft clay soils and cool green mown fields make a great place for both dogs and humans to play and train! Many love to train and play barefoot. You can bring your own music, or enjoy ours as you send your dog through tunnels, find out more about how your dog learns and thinks, and practice both on and off leash training stations. Grow in agility, rally/freestyle, and/or practical service behaviors.  Dogs may train wearing flat collar, head collar,  or unrestrictive harness. We require participants  to follow the humane training guidelines of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers while here. [https://apdt.com/about/position-statements/]

Ready to commit? Full week access:  $100. Come to any class with permission of instructor or train independently 7 am til 7 pm. Annual membership ($1000) and seasonal membership ($500 for 3 months) includes private evaluation, training plan, and allows anytime training 7 am til 7pm.

Bliss Woods Farm is a small sustainable homestead. We are growing our own food as well as creating an enriched habitat for studying and nurturing healthy animal behavior. You don’t need to have a dog to visit us! Stop by,  bring your picnic, dig your toes into our soft grass.   Guided garden tours are $5 per person, $25 per dog, and they give you a perfect opportunity to see how we grow organically in Maine.  See our calendar which will be posted on the farmstand for garden related activities such as flower arranging, wreath making,  and more.

IMG_9823Drop in sessions are by appointment or luck, with each visit including 15 minutes with a trainer. The rest of the time, you’re on your own to play your way through our training stations, or “do your own thing.”  Need more advanced training support? Got a nervous/reactive dog? Make an appointment to train here privately, $45 per private visit or a 4 dip private ticket for $150.   Grow at your own pace through our agility, rally and practical service behaviors training tracks.

 Grow into the best animal trainer you can be and give your dog a chance to shine. Message us to plan your playtime! Or just drop in when you see our “dog trainer on duty” sign!