Human Skills (leave your dog home)

We’re offering two Monday evenings, December 2 and 9, at 6 pm (til 8), where you can develop training skills without your dog! Each evening is $25

Monday December 2  Socializing the older dog (and the bigger puppy): tricks of the trade! img_20151011_083719360

Whole Dog Camp lead trainer Jenny Ruth Yasi, CPDT-KA has spent thousands of hours training hundreds of “dogs with baggage.” Dog freaks out… in bad weather, around other dogs, cats, kids? Problem barking? Leash pulling, peeing on rugs?  Anxiety? Aggression? Physical disabilities?  Jenny has been there and done that, helping dogs with problems  settle into more comfortable family life. You can do it too.

This “humans only class” on the principles and practice of continued canine socialization. Jenny’s perspective as a professional dog trainer as well as organic gardener will help you recognize simple steps you can take to grow a more entertaining, relaxing life for any dog.

No matter dog ages, sizes, breeds, or genders, as you will be training yourself, growing your ability to teach bigger or older dog new tricks.

Beyond Puppy Socialization

Monday evening Dec. 2, 6pm done by 8 pm at The Ground Floor, 13 School St, Freeport, ME 04032 with Jenny Ruth Yasi. Handler only, no dogs.


This is a 2 hour morning class, 9 am til 11 am, Saturday October 12th. Location TBD, near or in Freeport Maine.


Monday December 9  Safer Handling skills for pet dog owners

Have you had a few scary run-ins while out with your dog? Have you (or your dog) gotten an injury while dog training? Maybe you know someone who has? This class will answer dog safety and handling questions that might just keep you and your dog out of trouble!

This is a handlers only class, leave your dogs at home, but you can bring any training gear that you might have questions about.

Dec. 9 Safer Dog Handling Skills

Monday Dec. 9th 6 pm til about 8 pm at The Ground Floor, 13 School St Freeport Humans only class with Jenny Ruth Yasi