About us

Jenny’s professional training approach started when she adopted a problem dog in the early 1990’s, and realized she needed to go back to school to deal with the dog’s behaviors! Her self-designed major in Vermont College (Behavior Science and Character Development)  included studies with Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Clicker Trainer Leslie Whitney, Clicker expos, seminars with Freestylists Carolyn Scott, Attila Szkukalek, Mary Ray and many others.  She opened a dog daycare and wholistic board and train program, Whole Dog Camp,  that operated on Peaks Island from 2004 til 2010, training with many excellent local clicker and reinforcement oriented trainers. She studied with Canadian Susan Garrett in her “Say Yes!” program (see her book, “Ruff Love”), chicken trainer Terry Ryan and grew from her experiences with client-dogs with severe problem behaviors.  As WDC business grew,  the boat became an obstacle, the human kids grew up and Jenny and Albert moved off the island. First stop was Bowdoinham 2010,  then purchasing Bliss Woods Farm, in 2015. In 2016-17 Jenny and Albert sailed 2000 miles promoting humane education with two dogs in her program, “How Dog Trainers Make Big Problems Smaller.”


Today, Jenny is known for her tongue click, and her admiration of Susan Garrett’s “Say Yes”  system,  which builds reliable layered canine working skills through the educational power of choice.

Unlike “the rock” of Peaks Island, Bliss Woods Farm has no natural rock! It’s mown green fields and organic gardens rest on a springy soft bed of blue marine clay. This is great for barefoot games which Jenny and Albert enjoy all summer long as a way of conditioning and strengthening feet. You might find it hard to believe that the productive organic raised beds, where you’ll see spears of asparagus, mounds of rhubarb, gallons of elderberries, vigorous kiwi are just three years old.

Jenny has worked directly with over 350 board and train clients, putting thousands of hours into conditioning dogs with generalized anxiety, escape avoidance behaviors, phobias, and other difficulties in adapting  to their human’s condition.  She also worked with spectacularly pampered pets on vacation! In the process, Jenny and Albert (an environmental engineer) both are fascinated by the impact environmental cues can have on our health and behavior, and how much fun it is to use that awareness to our best advantage. Dog training provides the perfect model for how we can also refine our own behaviors to our own best healthiest advantage. Drop in and see!

Whether you visit as a “day tripper” or while  working out a long-term training plan, Bliss Woods Farm’s separately fenced organic gardens, agility yard, courtyard, performance space and picnic spaces has the perfect safe spot to romp and learn a bit about the history of behavior science.